Choosing Your Figure Skating Music

When choosing figure skating music there are basicallly two things to keep in mind: (1) The music should fit the skater - age, gender, etc. and (2) it should enable the skater to properly showcase his/her talents - this is why the coach should always be involved.

There are many useful websites to help you choose your music. One of the most comprehensive figure skating websites is Don Korte's . Don devotes a whole page to  tips for cutting good music that is really worth reading.

Did your ever wonder what music a particular figure skater was skating to at a national or international competition?At   you can find your favorite skater's music going back to 1975.

There are even recordings made expressly for figure skaters. Two of them are  Reflections off the Ice: A Tribute to Figure Skating and    Figure Skating's Greatest Hits. Both recordings have a variety of tunes suitable for figure skating programs. If you click on the links it will take you to  Amazon where if you click on "more product details" you can hear excerpts of the music.

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